About Us
Magic is Afoot

Magic is afoot in the foot hills of the mountains in the small town of Lenoir, NC. On a dead end road as you are about to climb the mountain you will be welcomed into the store my husband and I opened here in the largest room of our home; which happens to be the front room, bright, sunny and painted a delightful lilac. We have lovingly named our home Howling Hills, and if you are lucky you will be treated by a choir of howls and not just barks by our beloved giant sized (fenced) dogs.

Having the store in our home makes it possible to keep our prices somewhat lower as you will see when you come to visit us, or when you check out the website. I will share a tip with you; we have many items in the store that never make it to the website.

Here is our address and phone number - feel free to call for directions, as sometimes those lovely directional aides will not suffice and you will find yourself all the way up the mountain instead of at my home.


PHONE NUMBER: 828-758-4988

Steve & Sherri